#BeefBelongs hits the stage with Student Culinary Competition

The main goal of the #BeefBelongs initiative under ThinkBeef.ca and funded by the import levy, is to work with culinary education institutions in an effort to deliver beef-friendly education programs.

The effort is to encourage critical thinking when it comes to exploring the topics of beef’s role in a healthy diet and healthy environment. The aim is to influence a beef-friendly conversation within culinary programs as a way to influence curriculum leaders and future young chefs. The lecture program is supported by ThinkBeef.ca, but is represented through third party endorsement of Taste Canada, Yummy Lunch Club RD and Bird Studies Canada Keep Grazing initiative rather than being delivered by the beef industry itself.

A secondary win, is to demonstrate a beef positive image and introduce ThinkBeef.ca resource connections with leading culinary influencers and leaders through Taste Canada.

Program wins to date:

  • 4 schools and 8 lectures confirmed for January/February, all leveraged through Taste Canada
  • #BeefBelongs Team on stage at the Taste Canada Cookbook Awards, proudly recognized as Team #BeefBelongs
  • ThinkBeef.ca and #BeefBelongs part of the introductory welcome speech from Taste Canada, recognizing involvement in the unique partnership
  • Taste Canada (who manages the annual National Cookbook Awards for Canada) partnership is a new unique type of partnership developed for the junior chef culinary competition

Taste Canada Lecture Series

Here’s a quick highlight video from the Cooks the Books Student Competition:


By Tayla Fraser October 31, 2018

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