Agency Update

Well, it’s March already!  It’s right in the middle of provincial AGM season, calving and bull sales, so it’s safe to say that everyone is full out busy this time of the year.  That includes the Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency, as we continue to focus on check-off administration, supporting our provincial association partners through the check-off increase, and strong producer communication.

Progress continues with the provincial associations across the country, with many in the final stages of preparation to begin collecting the increased Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off.  Each province has a unique processes with members and governments to enable the check-off increase, and the Agency is working with each association individually to meet those unique needs.  This also includes helping to communicate the check-off increase and it’s value to producers before and during it’s implementation.

Many producers still have questions about the funding allocations, return on investment and administration regarding an increased check-off, and the role of the Agency continues to be demonstrating the value and ensuring transparent administration.

GM Melinda German has recently attended the Manitoba Beef Producers and Beef Farmers of Ontario meetings to present to their AGM delegates.  Both meetings garnered positive check-off discussions, and allowed the opportunity to speak directly to producers about the importance of a unified national levy rate.

The Agency is working on the final stages of the 2017/18 business plan with the Board of Directors and will be joined by Canada Beef and the Beef Cattle Research Council to present the plan to the Farm Products Council of Canada in late March.  We look forward to another successful year ahead!

By Tayla Fraser March 1, 2017

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