3-Yr Strategic Plan Overview

The Agency is officially starting a new fiscal year today, and with that, the second year of a three-year strategic plan.  Below you’ll find the highlights of the plan, which guide the organization.  For more information on the Agency’s annual plans, visit the Business Plan & Annual Report page.

A unified and sustainable national funding strategy for Canadian beef cattle research, market development and promotion.

To deliver measurable value to the Canadian beef industry through prudent and transparent management of the Canadian Beef Cattle

The Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency (the Agency) manages and administers the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off. By working with core partners, the Agency ensures that check-off dollars are invested into research, market development and promotion programs that deliver measurable value to the Canadian beef industry. The Agency is responsible for communicating the value of the check-off investment, as well as training and education of producers and funding partners, regulatory management, collection and administration of check-off dollars.

Core Objectives

Ensure Transparent Administration
By definition, a transparent culture is where an organization rigorously communicates with its stakeholders, to enable the exchange of thoughts and ideas, and build trust. It is about involving stakeholders, and ensuring that they have the knowledge, information and education to provide strategic direction to the Agency. Transparent administration of both the Agency and of Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off dollars ensures that stakeholders are never left wondering how their dollars are being invested or managed.

Deliver Measurable Value
By ensuring that Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off dollars continue to drive real, measurable results for the Canadian beef industry, the Agency will be able to sustain support and funding for the long term.  It is imperative that stakeholders can see real, “on the ground” results generated for their operations using check-off dollars for market development, promotion and research initiatives.

Engage and Educate Stakeholders
The only way that Agency stakeholders can know how check-off dollars are being invested, is if the Agency provides clear and consistent communication. By reaching stakeholders in a variety of ways, and educating partners on check-off management, the Agency will be able to increase the support and understanding of the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off across the country.

Grow Connections with Industry 
Engaging with partners, key leaders and organizations within the Canadian beef industry is a powerful tool that yields stronger relationships and a seat at the table for broader industry discussions. By growing Agency connections within the industry, the organization gains trust of stakeholders, leverages outside channels of communication, and garners welcome input and ideas.

By Tayla Fraser April 1, 2017

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