Agency Update

Happy Canada Day, and Happy 150th Birthday to this great nation we call home!  It’s hard to believe we’re already half way through 2017, and through the first quarter of our business year.

On June 1st, Prince Edward Island started collecting the increased $2.50 Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off.  They now join Nova Scotia as the first two provinces to implement the increase in efforts to realize the goals of the National Beef Strategy laid out in 2015.  The remaining provinces continue to work towards the increase through their associations and provincial governments.

The Annual General Meeting is coming quickly, and we’re working hard to finalize all of the moving parts, including our 2016/17 Annual Report.  The report this year features photos submitted by producers from across the country on social media.  With over 100 photo submissions, it was hard to choose, but we think we’ve selected a good cross section to represent our diverse industry and we’re excited to share them when we release the report mid July.

The Agency’s AGM allows producers, representing their province, association or sector, to join the Agency’s Board of Directors and form the delegate body to vote on elections, resolutions and other official business at the meeting.

Our AGM is free to attend, but we do need you to pre-register on the CBIC registration site at

By Tayla Fraser July 1, 2017

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