BCRC and Issues Management team up on videos

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) along with the industry’s Issues Management team spent time last weekend at the Antelope Butte Ranch with a film crew to create some new extension tools around the environmental footprint of Canadian beef.

The BCRC extension video will join their other extension resources in their library, to explain environmental research findings, and how the industry can use that knowledge to counter misinformation and look for further improvements.  The video will also showcase producers that share the tools and practices they utilize to be great stewards of the environment, and that other producers can draw from or be inspired by.

The Issues Management team will also produce a shorter video aimed at the public, in collaboration with the BCRC video.  With the team’s focus on the National Strategy’s Connectivity Pillar, working together was a great opportunity for industry partners to produce mutually beneficial content.

Prepared footage from researchers and producers, alongside the Issues Management live stream and social media content driven through the Beef Advocacy Canada platform, showcases the dynamic nature of the industry.  With both industry and consumer facing voices, it becomes increasingly important to connect with consumers on various levels to establish a connection with beef prduction and public trust in Canadian beef production practices.

Video production for this project will continue in August in Guelph, and be released this fall.  Watch for the video rollout online, as well as with the Beef Advocacy team on the fall ag show circuit.

Click the photos below to learn more about the filming at Antelope Creek Ranch, or visit http://www.facebook.com/cdnbeefcheckoff.

By Tayla Fraser July 3, 2017

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