ThinkBeef Hitting National TV Airwaves

Canada Beef is announcing a Canada-wide television campaign for winter 2019 under the ThinkBeef investment.  In light of the new Food Guide discussions around the value of plant-based protein foods, the campaign is designed is to draw consumer attention to beef’s substantial nutrient profile, in conjunction with its amazing taste and versatility as part of a balanced diet.

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The 3 x 15-second pieces are entitled “Protein Options”, “How Beef Stacks Up” and “What 26 Grams of Protein Looks Like”. The spots stress the remarkable nutrient density of beef compared to other protein foods, including plant based burgers. There is a focus on beef’s clean ingredient deck and beef’s champion nutrients such as quality protein, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Each spot ends with a call-to-action to visit, to learn more about the goodness of beef, with a print-resource order centre, video and delicious recipe resources.

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The timing for this release is positive, given the recent launch of Canada’s Food Guide, which is interpreted by media and consumers to be a call to reduce meat consumption. In two of the three video spots, beef goes head-to-head with plant-based protein sources, demonstrating the nutrient density of beef.  In one spot, Canada Beef stresses the clean label: a simple ingredient list of a beef burger vs alternatives. This aims to have consumers consider the health halo of choosing the alternative instead of beef, and instead understand the processing and fortification required to bring that alternative close in nutritional value to beef.  One of the video spots also stresses the nutrients that beef champions in comparison to other protein sources.

Canada Beef is aiming for an audience of information seekers, so choosing news audiences was key. As well, targeting those who are most likely to leave the beef category in favor of perceived ‘healthier’ protein options was integral, so home improvement and cooking shows were a deliberate choice. This is also the type of programming that plays in dental and medical waiting rooms with captive audiences.

The campaign begins Monday, January 21 and runs through to March 31, 2019 on a variety of prominent television networks such as CTV, CBC, CTV News Channel, CBC News Network, the Food Network, HGTV, Showcase and the National Geographic Channel. Programming highlights include occasions aired in Beat Bobby Flay, The Property Brothers, Love it or List It, Fixer Upper, the Marilyn Denis Show, CTV National News, CBC News at Six and The National. The campaign will reach 15,000,000+ Adults 25-54. The 3 x 15-second pieces of creative will be airing on a rotating basis, over the campaign’s 1,001 total spots. The ad spots are supported by the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off, and Canada’s beef import levy.

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By Tayla Fraser January 29, 2019

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