Beef Advocacy course enrollment continues to grow

With the recent expansion of the Beef Advocacy Canada program into a third course, the Public and Stakeholder Engagement (PSE) team expects to see enrollment continue to climb.

Since January 10, 50 registered users have completed all three courses available through the platform. In total, 579 of the 603 registered users have completed at least one of the three courses since the program’s launch.

Course One of the program includes a very high level overview of the Canadian beef industry, production and beef itself.  This level is open to anyone interested in learning more, including the general public, consumers, students, educators and more.  It also helps beef producers to confidently speak about not only their own area of the value chain, but other areas as well.

Course Two covers material that is often considered “hot topics” in the industry, such as more in depth discussions and key messaging around hormones and antibiotics, sustainability, beef and human health, and how to be a responsible advocate.  Those who complete Course Two, generally producers and industry influencers, are then encouraged to actively advocate in their communities, and are often called upon for opportunities across the country such as interviews, presentations, or hosting farm-to-fork tours on their operation.

Course Three focuses on social media advocacy. Three modules are arranged in increasing difficulty, with information for both the new social media user and the social aficionado trying to expand their reach.

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By Tayla Fraser March 1, 2019

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