ThinkBeef Gets Power Up

What’s new with the ThinkBeef investment?

In light of the ‘plant-based diet’ discussions, the import levy has powered up with a new Nutrition hub tab, PLUS a new tab to tackle Canada’s food guide conversations, Healthy Plates – the latest information that is all up to date with the ‘new food guide’ references!


What you’ll find at

  • The most current Claims we can make about beef nutrients & their benefits
  • Beef’s champion nutrients and what they do
  • Beef’s contribution to a healthy diet – especially for pregnancy, babies transitioning to solid foods
  • Beef & fat reality check
  • Beef & the most current discussion on chronic disease

And what’s at Healthy Plates?:

  • How beef fits in with the new food guide Eat Well plate model
  • How beef can encourage more veggies on the plate
  • How all foundational foods fit together – beef is in good company with whole grains, veggies & fruit
  • NINE new healthy plate recipes with inspiring images that demonstrate how beef and other healthy proteins can make up a Healthy Plate!

Designed for the consumer and their influencers, works to inspire, enable and encourage consumers to get beef on their tables and into their meal-plans.

Use to reference beef & nutrition with the most up-to-date information. And be sure to check-in to see what your Import Levy funded programs and initiatives are up to.

Check out the brochure below that’s going out to all importers of beef to share the good news. Click on the images for a closer look:

By Tayla Fraser May 25, 2019

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