Consumer Ad Showcases Cattle’s Hidden Talents

The first quarter of 2019 saw the release of the new Canada Food Guide, the EAT-Lancet Report and heated discussions about climate change. These all brought media attention and conversations about the role of cattle and the environment to the public forefront.

Recognizing that there is a media bias to good news and beef, Canada Beef and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) partnered under the Public and Stakeholder Engagement (PSE) investment strategy to develop a print ad campaign. The campaign helps support loyal Canadian beef retail and foodservice partners in communicating a compelling narrative anchored in fact-based environmental impact information, and is designed to demystify the negative misconceptions that sometimes surround beef.

The ad creative focuses on the eco-service benefits of cattle in the Canadian context. For an easily shared version, visit our Facebook page by clicking here.

Costco Connection provided the largest and most visible outreach for the ad, as it is mailed to all Executive Members and additional copies of each issue are available in the warehouses, making up a total circulation of 3,100,000 national copies. The magazine is published in English (2,450,000 copies) and in French (650,000 copies), with a readership that consists primarily of loyal Executive members with high incomes. The Costco Connection is also available in a mobile app edition. The app is a replica of the print edition of the Costco Connection, with 100,000 average unique visitors view the Costco Connection online.

Additional outreach included:

  • Restaurants Canada Menu
  • Western Grocer
  • Canadian Grocer

As a way to track ad success and also deliver more information to the audience, the Hidden Talents ad directed readers to visit the on-line page at developed to support ad campaigns: Why Canadian Beef

PSE has been tracking reader comments coming in through consumer contact platforms. Here’s some examples of feedback received:

“Hello cattlemen and women: thanks for all you do. I wish they were teaching this information in the schools. There is such an ideological bias for “plant based diets.” My family has dumped the sugar and overly processed starches and voila…many health benefits. So beef is again on the menu tonight. I only wish that I could buy beef tallow!”

“Loved your very informative ad regarding Canadian cattle in the Costco Connection magazine!”

“Canada’s cattle have hidden talents: good to see how some of the money from the fees [check-off] is spent. Great ad! Someone did a very nice job! Our compliments!” 

Stay tuned in the near future for the release of Supercow, a new online campaign from the PSE team.

By Tayla Fraser May 16, 2019

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