New strategic and business plans launch April 1

The Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency officially began a new fiscal year on April 1, 2020, and officially launched the new 2020-2023 Strategic Plan and 2020/21 Business Plan online.

The strategic plan outlines the key objectives for the Agency in the next three years, following up on the last plan which was primarily focused on transparency and organizational governance.

“Our 2020-23 strategic plan really focuses on supporting our provincial partners and our national service providers, and strengthening of check-off knowledge in Canadian producers,” said Chad Ross, Agency Chair.

The strategic plan’s four objectives include Structured Reporting and Compliance, Engaged and Educated Stakeholders, Strategic Communications and Collaboration, and Sound Governance and Administration. Within those objectives, lives the tactics and programs found in the Agency’s 2020-21 Business Plan.

In 2020/21, the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off and import levy is estimated to bring in approximately $17,040,00 in gross revenue, which includes the addition of levies from Veal Farmers of Ontario. The Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off is $2.50 per head in all provinces with the exception of Ontario, and the import levy, currently at $1.00 per head or equivalent.

The Agency’s business plan works to deliver on the goals and objectives of the National Beef Strategy to foster growth and profitability for the beef and veal industry in Canada. That includes working closely with our service providers who deliver on some of the key goals in the Strategy.

“The Agency has come a long way since our first strategic plan in 2017/18,” said Melinda German, General Manager. “We remain committed to providing support to our provincial stakeholders in the collection and compliance of the check-off system and working with our national service providers to achieve the goals of the National Beef Strategy over the next three years.”

Also included in the Agency’s business plan are key goals and deliverables for the Agency’s service providers who invest check-off dollars into programs and activities on behalf of the industry. Service providers include Canada Beef delivering on market development and promotion, the Beef Cattle Research Council delivering on research, and both the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association and Canada Beef delivering on public and stakeholder engagement as a joint program initiative.

The Agency projects the total revenue, net administration, to be allocated as 56% to market development and promotion, 25% to research, 13% to provincial initiatives and 6% to public and stakeholder engagement (PSE).

These percentages are based on the allocations made for the 2020/21 year by the provincial cattle associations, plus the import levy allocation, both of which are available on the Agency’s website at

The Agency Members approved the 2020/21 business plan in February, with an administration budget equal to 5.0% of total check-off and import levy collected. The Agency continues to strive for lean and prudent management of check-off dollars on behalf of Canada’s beef industry.

Visit to read the plans in detail.

By Tayla Fraser April 1, 2020

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