New Committee Structure and Elections at 2018 AGM

In an effort to ensure continued transparency and separation check-off administration from marketing programming, the Agency has recently approved a set of new by-laws which will change the structure of the Market Development and Promotion Committee (aka Marketing Committee) to put the best foot forward in the marketing of Canadian beef in Canada, and around the world.

For the first time at the AGM in August, the Marketing Committee will be made up of a mix of members appointed by the Agency Board, and members elected by the delegates at the AGM. The Committee of eight to 12 members will be populated as follows:

  • 6 Agency Members (appointed)
    • 4 x Canadian Meat Council
    • 1 x I. E. Canada
    • 1 x Retail and Foodservice
  • 2 Agency Members (elected)
    • 2 x Primary Producers
  • 4 Members-at-Large (elected)

The Members-at-Large can be nominated by any of the organizations who hold membership on the Agency Board, which includes the nine provincial cattle associations, the Canadian Meat Council, and I.E. Canada. These Members-at-Large also have additional eligibility criteria they will be required to meet. In addition to the general eligibility criteria for the Agency, these Members-at-Large must have experience in at least one of the following categories:

  • General marketing experience: must be proven marketers with general experience marketing in any industry, in any region;
  • Beef/veal marketing experience:¬†must have proven beef/veal marketing experience in any region;
  • In-market experience: must have proven experience in a specific region or market of interest that will benefit the Committee’s strategies.

Nomination forms for these Committee seats, as well as for Agency Member seats are due back to the Agency by July 13. If you have questions about the representation for your region or organization, please contact your provincial cattle association, the Canadian Meat Council, or I.E. Canada directly.

By Tayla Fraser July 5, 2018

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