2019/20 Check-Off Business Plan Released

The Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency officially began a new fiscal year on April 1, 2019, and we have officially launched our 2019/20 Business Plan online.

The Agency is projecting approximately $16.66 million of revenue in the next year, with the net funds allocated as:

  • 50% market development and promotion
  • 32% research
  • 14% provincial initiatives
  • 4%  public and stakeholder engagement

The above percentages are based on the provincial allocations made for the 2019/20 year plus the import levy allocation, both of which are available on our website at cdnbeefcheckoff.ca/programs/allocations.

The Agency Members approved the 2019/20 business plan in February, with an administration budget equal to 5.0% of total check-off and import levy collected. This is down 0.43% from the budget for 2018/19. The Agency continues to strive for lean and prudent management of check-off dollars on behalf of Canada’s beef industry.

Read the 2019/20 business plan online here.









By Tayla Fraser April 1, 2019

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