Youth Member Report: December 2022

By Julie Mortenson

I was privileged to join the Canadian Cattle Association (CCA) Youth Council at their last zoom meeting and give a quick update on the latest happenings of the Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency.

The Agency is currently working on a plan to invest additional surplus dollars into valuable programming and strategic projects. These surplus dollars are from projects that were put on hold during Covid, as well as surplus administration dollars from administering check-off and the import levy under budget.

Check-off and import levy revenues were slightly lower than expected, however fall run remittances have not yet begun to come in. It takes about 8 weeks to begin to see levies come in to the Agency after a marketing has occurred.

The Agency is focusing on providing training to board members, including Respect in the Workplace and Governance 101. This is part of a larger recruitment and retention strategy to make sure the Agency has strong leaders.

The Agency is also in the midst of developing their Business Plan, the Finance Committee is completing the first draft by early January.

Communication packages have been provided and distributed to each provincial association to help share information with grassroots producers across the country at fall meetings, in annual reports and across various outreach channels.

To increase our focus on youth development, the Agency is developing a scholarship program, led by a committee of Agency representatives. The scholarship will support a student who shows an interest in contributing to the beef industry through research, market development or promotion.

We have also developed a more formal plan for my involvement during my term as the Agency’s Youth Member and have matched me with Chad Ross as an informal mentor. I have also been privileged to join the Agency for in person meetings in Penticton this past summer and at the FPCC 50th anniversary in Ottawa in November. 

By Tayla Fraser December 22, 2022

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