ThinkBeef at the Ontario Public Health Convention

On March 21-23, the import levy funded #ThinkBeef program was featured at the Ontario Public Health Association Convention (TOPHAC), which hosted over 800 public health professionals to share knowledge and develop skills.

Two new resources were built and shared at the event: Fuel Up for Fun, as a public health tool to help with community sports groups, and beef and iron resources sharing the importance of red meat as a first solid food choice for infants six months of age.

#ThinkBeef was the only space representing food at the event, which led to a large number of engagements, and participants appreciated having an unbiased voice in Carol Harrison, nutrition expert, at the booth as a trusted source of information. The Canadian Food Guide is often interpreted by the professionals who attend TOPHAC, so this audience is becoming increasingly important.

Participants provided a very positive reaction to the #ThinkBeef booth and resources, and many were keen to engage and ask questions about any negative messages they have heard about beef. Carol was able to also talk about beef’s positive impact on healthy grasslands, wildlife biodiversity and the conversion of non-arable lands to protein that many attendees initially had concerns about. This was also the case regarding antibiotic and hormone residues in beef – Carol was able to reassure attendees of the steps taken to ensure healthy and safe beef for Canadians.

Going forward, the #ThinkBeef program will beef up the delivery of their story between beef and the environment, as many people in health-related professionals are very focused on this area as well.

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By Tayla Fraser April 3, 2018

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