Sharing the #cdnbeefexperience with the foodservice industry

On April 10, 2019, Canada Beef hosted Centennial Foodservice on a Canadian beef experience day, to share the Canadian beef story with corporate influencers.

Centennial Foodservice is western Canada’s leading seafood, poultry and premium meats foodservice and distribution company. They specialize in centre of the plate proteins as well as custom processing, servicing 6000 restaurant and retail customers through western Canada with recent distribution and interests in Toronto.

Canada Beef, along with the Alberta Beef Producers, worked with ten senior protein specialists at the Centennial Foodservice head office in Edmonton, focusing on the Canadian Beef Advantage (CBA). The foundational pillars of the Canadian Beef Brand (producer, product, world class standards and sustainability) were a strong feature of the working day.

Educating the foodservice industry with both the technical and emotional attributes of the CBA is important; the protein specialists for Centennial Foodservice gained valuable knowledge in Canadian beef, and can confidently discuss how the beef category can enhance overall meat business for their clients.

The experience also included an on-farm visit to Blindman Beef, owned and operated by Assar Grinde.  Grinde’s tour was an integral part of the day for the protein specialists, learning more about generational farming, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, the Verified Beef Production (VBP) program and more.

With end users asking more questions about where their food comes from, an all-encompassing experience like this ensures that a transparent and positive Canadian beef story is shared from one end of the value chain to the other.

“I appreciate all the work you at Canada Beef do to connect us with other segments of our industry, and i am willing to help whenever you need.”

– Assar Grinde, Blindman Beef

“The opportunity to connect with the front-end of the Canadian beef supply chain provided our group a deeper appreciation for what goes into raising great quality beef. Equally important was the passion demonstrated by Assar and his family and their commitment to producing this quality. Centennial Foodservice sincerely appreciates the time and attention to detail that Canada Beef had provided both in the boardroom and out in the field. An amazing experience!”

– Michael Goertzen, Sales Training & Development Manager, Centennial Foodservice

Canada Beef is projected to receive approximately 50% of the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off revenue for 2019-20.


By Tayla Fraser April 10, 2019

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