Seminar attracts media in Japan

Capitalizing on the extensive media interest in Canadian beef demonstrated since the implementation of the CPTPP trade agreement, Canada Beef International Institute Japan (CBII) invited media to a seminar supported by and conducted at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo on April 23.

Thirteen media from newspapers, food magazines, and industry newspapers attended the seminar.  In addition to the presentation made on the Canada Beef Advantage by CBII/Yuko Onizawa, Cargill, JBS and Global Vision (sole importer of veal from Montpak) also made PowerPoint presentations on the benefits of the CPTPP tariff reductions and their individual companies, their presence in Japan and the world and promotional messages for their products.

The export volume to Japan increased sharply after the CPTPP came into force on December 30th, 2018. The total volume was 5,772 tonnes in February 2019, an increase of 87% and the value was C$39,350,000, an increase of 103%.

Following the initial tariff reduction of 11% under the CPTPP on 31 December, 2018, the second reduction of 0.9% was implemented on April 1st, 2019 and gradual annual tariff reductions will continue each April 1, to a final tariff of 9% in 2033.

There is significant media and public interest in Canadian beef as a result of the CPTPP and the surge in exports is both a result and a cause of this heightened interest.  The purpose of this event, the first time CBII Japan has conducted such a seminar, was to convey to media the Canadian beef advantages for quality and food safety (100% tracking, amongst other attributes), the export situation, and the companies exporting Canadian beef to Japan.

CBII handed out materials on the brief overview of Canada’s meat inspection system provided by the Canadian Embassy (CFIA). It contained information on Japan’s reviews of age restriction on beef.

After the presentations, three dishes were offered for tasting:

  • Canadian Beef Steak (rib eye roll)
  • Slow Cooked Roasted Canadian Beef (rib eye roll)
  • Canadian Veal Steal (milk fed) (strip loin)

The main messages successfully conveyed were on the Canadian beef advantage, the heightened interest in increased trade generated by the CPTPP and the integrated support provided by CBII Japan, Packers, the Canadian Embassy and the CFIA.

By Tayla Fraser April 23, 2019

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