Import levy site revamped to engage stakeholders

Changes are up at to optimize visitor engagement. The new layout features new content upfront on the landing page which will be refreshed every two weeks as a way to keep stakeholders and the public up to date with what’s happening in the generic beef program – the home-page becomes a real-time update of activities.

The revised format also encourages and enables readers to discover more of the content that lives on the site.

Import levy funds are invested into generic beef marketing programs.

Generic beef marketing is the promotion of unbranded beef, which is supported by import levy dollars. These activities focus on keeping beef on the plate of Canadian consumers by promoting the healthfulness of beef, growing consumer culinary skills, and reinforcing food safety practices. Generic beef marketing resources and programming can be found on the website.

These generic beef programs are facilitated by Canada Beef.

By Tayla Fraser September 25, 2019

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