Agency Elects New Members and Marketing Committee at AGM

Calgary, AB (August 15, 2023) – The Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency (the Agency) is pleased to announce the Agency Board, following the Annual General Meeting on August 15, 2023.

The 2023/24 Agency Members have been announced as:

Primary Producers:Canadian Meat Council:
Andrea Van Iterson, British ColumbiaRuss Mallard, Atlantic Beef Products
Jeff Smith, AlbertaAndre Forget, Montpak
Sheila Hillmer, AlbertaJeff Cline, Cargill
Chad Ross, SaskatchewanJohn Curtis, St. Helen’s Meat Packers
Mary Paziuk, Manitoba 
Jack Chaffe, OntarioRetail and Foodservice:
Sylvain Bourque, QuebecSteve Christie, Sysco Canada
Trevor Welch, New Brunswick 
Larry Weatherby, Nova ScotiaI.E. Canada:
David Francis, Prince Edward IslandCoral Manastersky, Maple Leaf Foods
Julie Mortenson, Young Cattlemen’s Council 
Andrea Van Iterson, BC; Jeff Cline, CMC; Jack Chaffe, ON; Russ Mallard, CMC; Steve Christie, Retail/Foodservice; Mary Paziuk, MB; Sylvain Bourque, PQ; Andre Forget, CMC; David Francis, PE; Trevor Welch, NB; Julie Mortenson, Youth Member; Chad Ross, SK; Jeff Smith, AB; Larry Weatherby, NS; Sheila Hillmer, AB. Missing: Coral Manastersky, I.E. Canada; John Curtis, CMC.

Chair Jeff Smith is excited to continue delivering measurable results for producers.

“Our industry invests a tremendous amount of money into itself through the beef check-off and import levy in Canada, and we’re working very hard on behalf of producers to ensure that those dollars bring a strong, measurable return,” said Smith.

At the meeting, Agency General Manager shared an update focused on the Agency’s programming, including the focus on education and compliance.

“Our inspection program continues to ensure that everyone across the country is on a level playing field,” said German. “Our compliance and education program continues to pay for itself as we help producers, dealers, auction markets and others understand not only how the system works, but the value of the check-off system in Canada.”

Joining Smith on the Agency’s Executive Committee will be Trevor Welch of New Brunswick as Vice Chair, Larry Weatherby of Nova Scotia as Governance Chair and Sheila Hillmer of Alberta as Finance Chair.

The Agency’s Marketing Committee also elected two Members-at-Large this year: Mike Guest of Saskatchewan, and Jim Clark of Ontario.

The Marketing Committee is responsible for planning and establishing Canada Beef’s strategic, business and operational goals and objectives and for the overall management and operation of the business and affairs.

The Marketing Committee has been announced as:

Cam Daniels, Harmony BeefJeff Cline, Canadian Meat Council
Clay Holmes, Intercity PackersJohn Curtis, Canadian Meat Council
Mike Guest, Western Prime Meat ProcessorsRuss Mallard, Canadian Meat Council
Jack Chaffe, Beef Farmers of OntarioAndre Forget, Canadian Meat Council
Chad Ross, Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s AssociationCoral Manastersky, I.E. Canada
Jim Clark, Ontario Corn Fed Beef &
Ontario Cattle Feeders Association
Steve Christie, Retail and Foodservice
    Jennifer Haley, Veal Farmers of Ontario
Marketing Committee Members: Julie Mortenson, Youth Member; Mike Guest, Member at Large; Jeff Cline, CMC; Jack Chaffe, ON; Russ Mallard, CMC; Steve Christie, Retail/Foodservice; Andre Forget, CMC; Chad Ross, SK; Clay Holmes, Member at Large; Cam Daniels, Member at Large; Jennifer Haley, VFO. Missing: Coral Manastersky, I.E. Canada; John Curtis, CMC; Jim Clark, Member at Large.

The Marketing Committee also elected their Executive Committee, including Russ Mallard as Chair, Stephen Christie as Vice-Chair and Jack Chaffe as Finance Chair.

“I look forward to chairing the Marketing Committee again this year as Canada Beef celebrates its 50th anniversary. The coming year will bring challenges and opportunities for the Canadian beef industry. Fortunately, we have an excellent team at Canada Beef and the Marketing Committee is ready to assist as they promote the advantages of high-quality Canadian beef in domestic and international markets,” said Mallard.

Canada Beef President Michael Young is confident that the direction provided by the Marketing Committee puts Canada Beef in a great position to capitalize on old and new strategies.

“Canada Beef’s focus on a mix of innovation and proven strategies to expand the reach of beef and veal with consumers and foodservice really hit its stride this year. The guidance and support from the Marketing Committee has been appreciated and we are ready for another great year of promoting and marketing Canadian beef and veal at home and abroad,” said Young.

The Agency would like to recognize Kirk Jackson of Quebec, who finished his ten year term at the completion of this AGM. Kirk began his Agency Membership in 2013, and was an integral part of helping drive further administrative transparency of the Agency. He spent four years as the finance chair, and developed a strong culture of fiscal transparency as well. The Agency and it’s Members would like to thank Kirk for his dedication to the industry for all Canadian beef producers.

The Agency’s 2022/23 Annual Report is available online at

By Tayla Fraser August 23, 2023

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