2018 AGM Nominees

At the AGM on August 14, delegates will have the opportunity to cast their ballots and elect Agency and Committee Members.

In an effort to ensure continued transparency and separation check-off administration from marketing programming, the Agency has recently approved a set of new by-laws which will change the structure of the Market Development and Promotion Committee (aka Marketing Committee) to put the best foot forward in the marketing of Canadian beef in Canada, and around the world.

The nominees for Agency Members: (8 available)

  • Jeff Smith, Alberta
  • Jack Chaffe, Ontario
  • Chad Ross, Saskatchewan
  • David Franics, Prince Edward Island
  • Mike Kennedy, CMC
  • Russ Mallard, CMC
  • Alexandre Fontaine, CMC
  • Coral Manastersky, I.E. Canada

The nominees for the Marketing Committee: (4 members-at-large available)

  • Helen Langford, Boston Pizza
  • Hubert Lau, BIXSco Inc.
  • Becky Bevacqua, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada
  • Mike Guest, Western Prime Meat Processors

The nominees for the Retail/Foodservice Temp Sub: (1 available) 

  • Dino DiMarcantonio, Loblaw Companties Ltd.
  • Steve Christie, Sysco Canada

By Tayla Fraser August 1, 2018

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