Message from the Chair

September 3, 2019

It is my privilege to have been elected Chair of the Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency in August following our AGM. I am honored to lead such a dedicated group of producers and industry stakeholders, and work towards a unified and sustainable national funding strategy for Canadian beef cattle research, market development and promotion.

I am encouraged by the strengthened relationships between our Agency and our provincial cattle association stakeholders. We have come a long way over the past few years, and it is our key priority to ensure the best use of the check-off dollars that the provincial associations allocate. The Agency continues to work together with the provincial associations in many aspects, and I am confident that a renewed commitment to strong partnerships will help us to deliver measurable value for producers in Canada.

We continue to support increased communication and education activities around check-off and import levy compliance. Ensuring that all of our producers and beef importers are on equal footing strengthens our industry’s competitiveness, and supports the programs that drive value for stakeholders through the investment of those dollars.

With eight of nine provinces collecting the increased Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off of $2.50 per head, we are closer than ever to reaching our goal of a sustainable, national funding strategy. Once that goal is reached, an additional $1.5 million will become available to support marketing and promotion activities to show Canadians that #beefbelongs on their plates. The Agency also continues to work with organizations like those representing Canadian veal producers on service agreements, and finding collaborative ways to work together on collection and remittance.

I am looking forward to the release of the 2020-2024 National Beef Strategy in October, and focusing our efforts on the prioritization and achievement of the goals within the strategy to the benefit of our entire industry. The strategy is designed to take advantage of the opportunities facing our industry, while simultaneously addressing the challenges, and aims to position the Canadian beef industry for greater profitability, growth and continued production of a high-quality beef product of choice in the world. I encourage all producers and beef industry stakeholders to keep an eye out for its release next month.

Our Agency is strong because of those who come together to guide our organization, and because of the stakeholders who we represent. I am proud to be a voice for Canadian beef producers from coast to coast, and to work with our experienced Agency Members to deliver the measurable value for our industry. You can meet all of the great people who represent our industry by clicking here.

I am excited about the year ahead, and encourage everyone to connect with us any way you can, including through your provincial representative


Chad Ross

Chair, Canadian Beef Check-Off Agency

By Tayla Fraser September 3, 2019

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